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15th February, 2013
Freda Kelly Beatles Story Cavern

Freda Kelly comes to The Beatles Story

In preparation for the 50th anniversary celebrations surrounding the release of The Beatles first album ‘Please, Please Me’ Freda Kelly, who was The Beatles’ official fan club secretary from 1963 until it closed in 1972, came to the Beatles Story and spoke exclusively to the One Show about her time with the Beatles and the impact their first album 'Please, Please Me' had on her life.

Freda Kelly’s association with The Beatles predates the release of 'Please, Please Me' by a few months. In early 1963 Freda joined Brian Epstein and another secretary in a small cramped office in Liverpool, her duties before the release of The Beatles’ first album mainly revolved around general office duties such as paying the wages, typing the letters and also dealing with a small amount of local interest & bookings that came their way.

With the release of 'Please, Please Me' came an instant increase into the amount of day to day work Freda had to deal with. Freda was now dealing with back to back phone calls, each one either a press enquiry into the Fab 4 or a venue owner desperate to book the band that everybody wanted to see more from. Freda told The One Show that she went from a standard secretarial role to hectic work and “working late into the night” due to the fact that even though 'Please, Please Me' rocketed the band to fame, the number of staff in the office stayed the same.

In her own words, Freda credits the success of 'Please, Please Me' and the breakthrough of The Beatles to the fact that “people were waiting for something different and they (The Beatles) were that something, this was evident from the early days in The Cavern.  People fell in love with them because they hadn’t seen anything else like them. They dressed differently, were down to earth and had a certain humour about them”. It was these factors that Freda mentioned that made the boys popular in Liverpool but producing their first album allowed them to be showcased to the rest of Britain and like Liverpool, Britain fell in love with them.

As a final question the One Show team asked “Why was 'Please, Please Me' such a special album?” Freda replied with an answer only a few people could truly give, “I have a few favorite albums like most people but for me this one (Please, Please Me) is my favorite because it brings back memories of Liverpool in the early 1960’s, many of the songs on the album were the songs that the boys played in The Cavern”.



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