In Conversation with Gary Astridge

Rob Brian in conversation with Gary Astridge – “Ringo – the man and his drums”. Join Gary Astridge, Ringo Starr historian, friend and drum curator, for special talks at The Beatles Story this International Beatleweek.

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Date and time

24th Aug 24, 6:30pm

Ticket prices

£15 per ticket


Fab4 Cafe Albert Dock

Discover little-known facts about every drum kit Ringo played during his career with The Beatles.

This event features Gary Astridge, the world’s leading authority on Ringo Starr and his Beatle era drums, along with acclaimed Ringo drumming style expert Rob Brian.

Through more than a decade of direct interaction with Ringo Starr and a lifetime of detailed research, Gary Astridge has become the foremost authority on the legendary artist’s drums and drumming. With a combination of humour and humility, he brings his honest presentations to life, sharing his experience of working alongside the most famous drummer in the world.

Rob Brian is one of the UK’s most in-demand clinicians and educators with an impressive discography and a long list of work with popular recording artists and performers. His demonstrations of Ringo’s innovations and creative choices serve to underscore his unique contributions to some of the most important music of the 20th Century. Having worked with Gary at numerous events, Rob is the perfect man to bring the best out of him.


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gary astridge and ringo starr
Gary Astridge and Ringo Starr

The Lotus Foundation

Profit from Gary Astridge’s talks at The Beatles Story will benefit The Lotus Foundation. The objectives of the Lotus Foundation are to fund, support, participate in and promote charitable projects aimed at advancing social welfare in diverse areas including, but not limited to:

  • Substance abuse
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Brain tumours
  • Cancer
  • Battered women and their children
  • Homelessness
  • Animals in need
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One could say that I'm living the dream. I've been interested with access to the most important and valuable drums in the history of popular music. I've had the honor of organizing, inspecting, documenting, archiving, assembling, displaying and helping secure them for history and future generations of music lovers. None of this would be possible without Ringo Starr's authentic affection and youthful enthusiasm for drums and drumming.
Gary Astridge
Ringo Starr drum curator and historian