20th May, 2015

Something: Pattie Boyd visits the Beatles Story

Something: Pattie Boyd visits the Beatles Story

We were delighted to welcome a familiar face when Pattie Boyd visited us this month as part of our 25th anniversary year of celebrations.

In 1964 Pattie Boyd recieved a phone call from her agent asking for her to appear as a schoolgirl in a film. Little did Pattie know that she would meet her first husband on the filmset, the film was A Hard Day's Night and the husband, George Harrison.

Pattie Boyd said speaking in an interview with Ronnie Wood, "There were three girls, including me, and the train left London and pulled up to this tiny little station and four familiar figures were there, the only people on the platform. At the end of filming, the train stopped at Paddington Station and he [George] said, "Will you go out with me tonight?", I told him that I had a boyfriend, which was obviously not what he wanted to hear."

"We were all called back about a week later, to do a bit more filming and during that week I had 'fired' the boyfriend, so when I saw George he asked me "How is your boyfriend?", and that was it."

Pattie visited the Beatles Story during May, the month that we're celebrating our 25th anniversary. Since opening our doors in May 1990, 4,000,000 people from over 100 countries have visited our award-winning attraction. Martin King of the Beatles Story said: "It was wonderful to welcome Pattie to the Beatles Story and hear her stories and memories. When in the George Harrison's Solo Booth Pattie commented how much George would have loved it here. We are all looking forward to her returning back to Liverpool very soon”.

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