The Beatles Story works closely with a team of Ambassadors who live 'Across The Universe', spreading our latest news and updates and the love of the world's greatest band from Liverpool, The Beatles.

across the universe... Here, There and Everywhere.. across the universe... Here, There and Everywhere.. across the universe... Here, There and Everywhere.. across the universe... Here, There and Everywhere.. across the universe... Here, There and Everywhere..
Adriana Tabisova


Ana Lucia Barrios


Barry de Gooijer

Bolsward, Netherlands

Bradley Hughes


Budi Susetyo Iskandar

Jakarta, Indonesia

Dave Swan

Perth, Australia

David Kerr

Glasgow, Scotland

Facundo Limas


Ian Morris

New Zealand

Jane Enenko


Jessica Saval

Paris, France

John Mackie

New Zealand

Leonardo Alberto Colombo


Lindsey Coye

United States

Mario Pollicita

Sicily, Italy

Raju Gusain

Raju is a professional journalist living in Dehradun close to Rishikesh where in 1968 The Beatles visited the camp of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Raju regularly conducts heritage tours of the Ashram.

Rosita Nikolof


Seo Kang Seok

South Korea

Sergey Radchenko

Cherkasy, Ukraine

Sihan Wang

Beijing, China

Takashi Goto


Tere Chacón

Mexico City, Mexico

Terje Konrad Solbakken


The Beatles Story Museum
Liverpool, L3 4AD Directions
Wibo Dijksma


William Bishop


Ricardo Calderon

In 1984 Ricardo Calderon founded TODOS JUNTOS AHORA, a Mexican Beatles Fan Club and is passionate about the Fab Four from Liverpool.

We Get by With a Little Help from Our Friends

In 2015, as part of our Silver Anniversary celebrations, The Beatles Story held a worldwide search for Beatles' Ambassadors to assist us in spreading our latest news and updates 'Across the Universe'. In the years since then we have added to the growing Ambassador team who assist us in spreading the love and legacy of the Fab Four boys from Liverpool.

Use the interactive map to see which country each of our Worldwide Ambassadors calls home. All four corners of the world 'Come Together' to celebrate the Fab Four.

Please note that the map is designed to show the respective country of each ambassador and, in respect of their privacy, does not provide their exact address location.

WINNER: Tere Chacón

During our 25th anniversary celebrations, Mexico’s Tere Chacón was selected as overall winner of our Ambassador competition.

Tere can be regarded as a pioneer of Beatles content within the Spanish-speaking world, having developed a Beatles fan website in Spanish in the early 2000s, and becoming the first person to host a Spanish-language radio show devoted to the legacy of the band in 2005.

Being an avid Beatles books collector and reader, Tere currently continues her studies of The Beatles, offers lectures and continues to marvel at the number of people in her country and the world who cherish and keep alive a legacy based on peace, love and understanding.

All you need is love.