09th December, 2015

Peacing Together: John Lennon's gypsy caravan

Peacing Together: John Lennon's gypsy caravan

Missing for nearly 50 years, the Sgt Pepper’s psychedelic gypsy caravan, owned by John Lennon, is on its way back to delight Beatles fans around the world. The caravan is currently undergoing a highly specialised restoration to return it to the splendour of its 1967 debut. The restored caravan will be spearheading 'Peacing Together', a charity peace and love project, which aims to see the caravan on tour in 2017, for the 50th anniversary of The Beatles’ album ‘Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’. We all remember John’s psychedelic Rolls Royce but the psychedelic Caravan, rarely seen in public, has a story to tell that brings another dimension to our understanding of the legendary Beatle. The Peacing Together tour will be sharing the untold story of the caravan with Beatles fans, whilst heading a campaign to raise funds and awareness for a number of peace and healing causes. The Beatles Story is giving its support to the restoration of this important long lost piece of John Lennon history and we ask you to join us in helping to bring the caravan back to life. The charity is lining up a number of activities, competitions and prize draws for 2016 which will offer fans a unique opportunity to be part of the restoration and film project. For more information and to sign up for newsletters, competitions, prize draws and the developing peace and healing projects click here.

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	Get Back: The rare Harrison guitar returns

Get Back: The rare Harrison guitar returns

The rare Australian Maton MS-500 Mastersound electronic guitar, which recently sold at auction for almost half a million dollars (£312,000), has returned on loan to the Beatles Story.

It is thought that Harrison had borrowed the guitar from Barratt's music shop in Manchester while his legendary Gretsch Country Gentleman guitar was being repaired. It was played only a small number of times during ...self-willed and selfish women who surrounded John as he grew up.
21st July, 2015
	Back In The USSR: a special Russian donation

Back In The USSR: a special Russian donation

Renowned Russian sculptor Leonty Usov visited The Beatles Story in Liverpool today with a very special gift – a set of wooden sculptured portraits of the Fab Four.
01st March, 2017
	Miserable Faith: Chinese rock band visit Liverpool

Miserable Faith: Chinese rock band visit Liverpool

One of China’s renowned rock bands, Miserable Faith (Tong Ku De Xin Yang), has visited The Beatles Story, Liverpool in order to learn more about their musical icons.
02nd June, 2016

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