04th February, 2016

Supreme: Mary Wilson visits The Beatles Story's special exhibition

Soul sensation Mary Wilson spent time with the team at The Beatles Story when she popped in to see the fabulous jumpsuits The Supremes wore to perform their classic Motown hits.

The Stop! In The Name of Love singer visited the British Invasion at The Pier Head attraction, which is dedicated to stars like James Brown, The Beach Boys, BB King and The Who.

Detroit-born Mary posed for photographs with surprised visitors as she admired the sparkling jumpsuit she last wore in 1977.

The three stage costumes in the exhibition were worn on stage by Ms. Wilson, Diana Ross and Florence Ballard in the 1970s as they toured the UK and the United States.

The dresses were donated by Ms Wilson to the GRAMMY museum in LA, which curated the exhibition 'The British Invasion: How Beat Groups conquered America' during the 1960s and 1970s.

Ms. Wilson, who sang on hit tracks Baby Love, You Can't Hurry Love and A Bit of Liverpool, said: "It is truly great to see the exhibition here at The Beatles Story and the display of British Invasion artefacts.

"The 1960s is truly remembered as a time when the world came together and both Motown and The Beatles played a huge part in that.

"I'm so glad that I was involved in it and as musicians, we all had huge amounts of respect for one another.

"We met The Beatles a few times over the years. I remember one incident where we were meeting them at a hotel in London and huge, screaming crowds were gathered outside.

"We got out the car and when they saw it wasn't The Beatles the reaction was very much, 'Oh! it is only The Supremes!'

"There was a time when The Beatles and The Supremes were battling it out for number one in the charts.

"We often edged them out and gave them a run for their money – as a good girl group would.

"Seeing the dresses definitely brings back the memories of the 60s and 70s and the influence the British Invasion had - I can remember my bedazzled, sequined moments on stage now." Martin King, of The Beatles Story, said: "It has been truly wonderful to welcome Mary Wilson to The Beatles Story today.

"The jumpsuits form a key part of the exhibition and sit alongside lots of other memorabilia from the era, which showcases a rounded picture of the British Invasion, including information that people might not have been aware of in the UK alone.

"Hearing Mary's stories of the era and seeing Mary reunited alongside the jumpsuit she wore to The GRAMMY Awards is fantastic and our guests who were here to be surprised by her visit will certainly have their own story to tell about meeting a living legend."

The exhibition presents memorabilia and photographs of bands, such as The Rolling Stones, that have never been seen before outside of the USA.

Alongside The Supremes dresses are James Brown's Jumpsuit, BB King's "Lucille" Gibson guitar, The Beach Boys handwritten 'God Only Knows' lyrics and The Who's Keith Moon's drum kit.

'The British Invasion: How Beat Groups conquered America' exhibit is on display at The Beatles Story, Liverpool's pier head site until November 2016.


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