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Hello Liverpool from New Zealand,

I am the Beatles number one fan, sharing a very personal connection with The Beatles through my parents. I was born in Liverpool and immigrated to New Zealand when I was six years old. A vibrant and dynamic city, rich in musical culture and creative life force, Carl Jung, famously labelled Liverpool, "The pool of life." 

Out of this artistically expressive city has emerged one of the greatest bands ever, The Beatles!

The Beatles’ music influenced me positively as a child growing up in Liverpool as I thumbed my way through my parents’ old record collection for Beatles albums to listen to. The Beatles music energised and uplifted and inspired me to become a musician and songwriter in the process becoming a ‘Beatlemaniac’ like many other people around the world.

My mother's friendship with John Lennon, which developed from being a regular at The Blue Angel nightclub on Seel Street, further provided a very real and tangible link to The Beatles and nurtured my attachment to them and their immense and unsurpassed musical legacy.

As a Beatles Story Ambassador I bring with me a huge passion, wealth of knowledge, and some might say, extreme obsession for The Beatles! In particular their music, which I prefer to listen to on vinyl as it was intended all those years ago when things were ‘fab’.

My other personal interests include: Liverpool Football Club, singing, song writing, guitar, meditation, yoga, chanting, mysticism, vegetarianism and personal growth work. 

I am extremely honoured and proud to be selected as a Beatles Story Ambassador and to represent The Beatles and my home of Liverpool through this valuable work.

26th November, 2015