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…It all began when I was a little teenage girl- once I caught a cold and my Mum left me home (Ta Mum!). So the whole day was spent in bed in front of the TV. And somewhere on one of the channels I found a black&white movie with kinda familiar faces… One hour later my life never was the same!!!! The movie was A Hard Days Night…

…so the life have changed completely…

… all my school lunch money been going to buying Beatles records. And at my last year at school I found out that Ringo is about to give his first ever gig in Russia!!! Obviously I couldn’t miss that… So with saving money for months I got my TransSiberian train ticket to Moscow… Ringo concert was sooooo special!!! What more a 17 years old girl can dream for!!! If I had only know that during Ringo’s second visit to Russia I will be his official interpreter!!!

…Of course it was The Beatles who made me start learning English in the first place- and now I ended up been pretty good in it- interpreting many world famous people (including Ringo, Sean Lennon, Tony Sheridan etc) and being chosen as language senior manager at Russian Olympics!

From the very beginning my dream was obviously to visit Liverpool… And it came true in spring 2001 !!! At my first day in Liverpool I went to The Cavern and to the BeatlesStory!What a happy day it was! But again- it was only the beginning!!! The same year a truly magical story had happened to me -I have met Paul!!!!! And then the second time!!!! This story is here:
(“Hay Festival of Literature…”)

The next year I got back to Liverpool within student exchange programme, and apart of languages, been working in two special places – The Grapes and The Jac!!!
Since then I absolutely fell in love with Liverpool and keep coming back every year (even sometimes it is not that easy at all). Later on, together with my colleague I have written the first ever guide-book in Russian about Liverpool-Beatles (206 pages) – On the cover – The BeatlesStory museum! . Plus organising of dozens of filming of Liverpool itself and Museum for many Russian medias.

The Beatles also gave me the passion to learn music – at school I picked the guitar, then piano, then join the band… And in 2006 I have my debut in The Cavern!!!
From late 90s up to now The Beatles have made me to organise lots of Beatles event across Russia and not only – Beatles concerts, big fe

26th November, 2015