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I am 18 years old from Slovakia, and I have been a Beatles fan since I was about 12. I'd known The Beatles before that age too, but one day I thought why not to listen to that ‘Hey Jude’ famous song. I'd watched some of their videos on YouTube and I totally fell in love. That day I started crying when I realised I'll never see them live. Paul’s cuteness, George’s ears, John’s humour, Ringo’s smile, I don’t exactly know why I’ve fallen in love. I’ve seen something so interesting in them that I still need to see every day till now.

My Beatles life started. I wanted to know everything about them, went to a library and borrowed all the books about them, started buying their albums, clothes, posters, I gave them every moment I could. After a year or two everybody knew me as that ‘Beatles obsessed girl’ and I was very proud. I even had a presentation about them in my school and they chose me to represent my school in a state competition. I experienced some other cool stuff, for example Pete Best shared my Tweet, I went to London to see all Beatles related places, my photo is in Paul’s ‘Save us’ video… But the best ones were probably visiting Paul's concerts and travelling to Vienna, Stockholm and Prague to see him. The first time I saw him I cried the whole concert, but it were tears of joy. Second time, I waited for him outside the stadium and he came by his car, was one meter from us and waved!  I can’t really explain the feelings I had, but I’m sure heaven feels like this. Until now, when I’m sad, I think of that day and I realise how lucky I am.

The time of my life was August 2016, when I went to Liverpool for one month. I had a splendid time, it was certainly a dream come true. Visiting the Cavern every day made me extremely happy. Visiting Casbah, Beatles Story, childhood houses of John and Paul, going to Strawberry field, Penny Lane whenever I wanted and just walking down Lime Street that The Beatles sang about felt too good! I love Liverpool and everything about it- even Scousers and football fascinate me! I consider going to University there or living there in the future.

The Beatles help me every time and influence everything I do. I started to like British culture because of them and I can say they taught me to speak English. My friends and family know about them more than normal fans - I keep talking about them so often. I wish I was able to tell the Fab four how much they’ve changed my life!


26th November, 2015