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Hello, my name is Ana Lucía Barrios Pérez, I live in Guatemala and I’m The Beatles’ number one fan!

My love for The Fab stems from my dad. He is the ultimate music lover and passed on his love for great music down to me. One of my early memories from when I was a kid is of my dad twirling me aaround and singing Lucy In Th Sky With Diamonds to me, he used to say I was his Lucy (you know, since my name is Lucía).

From then on whenever someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up my answer was always a rockstar and an astronaut. Most people found my answer funny and something to be expected from a five year old, but what they didn’t know was that that the reason behind it was that I truly wanted to be like the girl with kaleidoscope eyed and be in the sky.

As time went on that dream was replaced by dreams of justice and I went to become a lawyer, but my love for The Beatles remained. I made it my personal goal to pass on that love and I made it happen: I got my then 2 year old niece to love The Fab and to have the blue antology as her favorite cd. She loved Penny Lane and Twist and Shout. Sadly my little girl passed away a month shy of hhr third birthday and for a good portion of time I had to stay away from anything Beatles because it was a huge reminder of her.

As time went by I was able to listen to them again and the love I felt for their music came back with a vengeance and I realized that it was just like they said: “it’s a love that lasts forever, it’s a love that has no past.”

Nowadays I have a two year old nephew who is the light of my life and who happens to love The Beatles just as much as his auntie. Last November the guatemalan symphonic put on a tribute to The Beatles with the help of a guatemalan Beatles Tribute Band and we were there in the second row, my boy danced all night!

I’ve always been able to find comfort and advice in The Fab’s songs and they have helped shape my life.

It is my greatest honor to be a Beatles Story Ambassador!

26th November, 2015