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Thank you for giving me this opportunity to become a Beatles story ambassador. My name is Bradley Hughes, and I can proudly say I am the biggest Beatles fan in Australia. But you must be thinking there are a lot of people who think that they are the biggest fan but what makes me truly different is that I am only a teenager and have hundreds of Beatles CD’s, DVD’s, books, magazines, cassettes, boxsets and of course many hundreds of records. I am also the one of the youngest people in history to have joined a Beatles tribute band and toured NSW playing George Harrison.

My Beatles Story comes from when I was very young; my dad had a CD of the Beatles greatest hits album ‘1’ in the car and since then it’s all become this. My dad was a DJ in the 80’s and has literally thousands of rare original pressing UK Records.

I am a Beatles Ambassador because you will never ever meet anyone as a diehard Beatles fan like me, plus I am great at introducing the new generations to the greatest music of all time “The Beatles”.

I have visited Liverpool three times in my life and will definitely be back. I am young and ready to serve the Beatles proud legacy as the greatest rock band in history.

Thanks Again
Bradley Hughes

P.S If Freda Kelley reads this message, I am your biggest fan ever but sadly never got the chance to meet you, your DVD is amazing (which I bought signed) and a great inspiration to all Beatles fans around the world.

02nd December, 2015