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Hello! Hello! My name is Jessica, and I’m from Paris, France. I love all of our dear Fab Four, but I have to say George Harrison is my favourite. Weirdly, my favourite Beatles song is not a George song but “Penny Lane,” because it reminds me of the wonderful moment I have spent in my favourite place, Liverpool!

I really discovered The Beatles’ music out of pure luck. My mum had bought the DVD of Help! and I ended up watching it three times in a row! I had known The Beatles’ music like everybody does but I never truly understood it nor really loved it before that day. I immediately felt a need to travel to Liverpool so I planned a ten-day trip for my parents and I. We visited many museums including The Beatles Story and its exhibition “Elvis and Us” of course and wandered around Liverpool. I loved it so much that I decided to come back one year later for the 2013 Beatle Week. It was the first time that I was travelling on my own and I never enjoyed myself so much than during this incredible week! I also took some time to visit a few Beatles-related places I didn’t see before. Of course, I almost immediately booked tickets for the 2014 Beatle Week. My parents came with me and we decided to go off the beaten tracks. The last time we visited Liverpool was in February, 2015 for the George Harrison Day and it was with great pleasure that I got to visit The Beatles Story again as well as the exhibition on the British Invasion. It was meaningful for me to visit it as next year I will attend classes in an American college which has been organizing “Beatlemore Skidmania,” a series of Beatles tribute concerts, for 15 years and write my Masters thesis on the influence the Beatles had on the American society and culture. I chose to work on this subject because the only thing for which I would stay awake at night is The Beatles!

To have been chosen to be one of the Ambassadors of The Beatles Story is an honour, and I know one thing, I love the Beatles more than any other band and I love Liverpool more than any other city. I even want to move to Liverpool as soon as I am done with University. It is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited, and it is definitely the city with the greatest tourist locations and most of all the nicest inhabitants. I would feel more than proud if one day I was to be called a Scouser.

When I applied to become a Beatles Story Ambassador, I asked a close friend of mine why I would deserved it, as she has to put up with my love for The Beatles, and that’s what she said: “After I met Jessica, it did not take me long to understand the Beatles are her passion – which is not my case. In fact, she is so passionate about this band that whenever she is talking about it or one of her trip to Liverpool to attend the Beatles Week, she makes me feel as if I were passionate too!”

Apart from doing Beatles-related activities, I manage a cultural blog called “Imagine” ( for which I regularly interview artists. I also enjoy singing, going to the cinema, read science-fiction novels, and watch “Doctor Who” over and over again. At the moment, I am working on the creation of a charity to help Parisian students publish or self-publish their first novel.


*Accreditation: Jessica Saval provided The Beatles Story with French translations for this website.

26th November, 2015