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As a young Scottish immigrant to Australia in 1963, the Beatles music inspired me from the age of 7, during very difficult times, right through to the present day and I never tire of the music. Being too young for my sisters to take me to the Beatles concert in Melbourne in 1964, my biggest regret was never getting to see them perform live. I still have a desire to meet Paul and/or Ringo (over a pint at the Grapes maybe)!

I have visited Liverpool in 2010 and spent many hours in the Beatles museum, the Cavern Club and tracing their journey through the clubs of Hamburg. I’m such a fan that my daughters thought I was a Beatle right up until the eldest turned 8 – a long story, explained in the Youtube video!

There’s so much more to my Beatles Story, that I’ve prepared a short video. It’s on my webpage at

The direct Youtube link is at

I’ll definitely be visiting Liverpool again and bringing family with me – I’d come every year all the way from New Zealand if I could. Looking forward to it.

Hard to think there could be a more dedicated fan!

Peace and Love.

26th November, 2015