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I am an Argentinian Social Worker and a part- time musician/composer. I was just 14 years old when a Beatles single by “Odeon Pops” (“I´m Down”/”Help”) blowed my mind instantly..and for the rest of my life...

I learned to play bass guitar, play and sing in a couple of amateur Beatles cover bands in Argentina (still now) and feel his influence in my own work as a musician everyday. My love for “The Beatles” made me fall in love with the “Mersey Beat” genre too and with the entire City of Liverpool in a way I just can't really put in words. After years of dreaming about visiting Liverpool I finaly did it in August 2013 during the “Beatle Week”, and, of course, visited “Beatles Story” living an unforgetable experience. There were plenty of emotions, I mean… You really made me “LIVE” “The Beatles”! The Fab Four will always be there. I can hardly wait to get back to Liverpool someday and, for sure, I will, because my love for the city has grown since those wonderful 6 days there.

Before my trip to Liverpool I wrote a tribute song to the city, and recorded it with “a little help from my friends”! You can see a live performance of the song with my friends in my Facebook profile, filmed at “Espacio Cultural Los Umbrales” (City of Valle Hermoso- Córdoba- Argentina), including a link to the original audio version in the video.

I can't say anymore,…as you can see, I'm not just a huge Beatles fan but a “Beatles Story” and Liverpool lover too!

26th November, 2015