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The Beatles are honestly my life. I know a lot of other people will say that, but it’s true. I got heavily into them on my own when I was about nine years old and at the point everyone had dismissed it as “just a phase”.

I’ve proved them wrong as I am older now and more in love and infatuated by them as ever. I’ve travelled the world to many Beatles sites including a Beatles exhibit in Canada, London, Liverpool and go to BeatlesFest in New York every year, paying special tribute at Strawberry Fields memorial for John. I’ve seen Paul twice and Ringo twice. I wake up, Beatles, eat, Beatles, sleep, Beatles…. I even had to pour my knowledge and passion into my own website about them. I’m currently writing a book on them and have read the Anthology three times and seven other Beatles books.

They’ve inspired me to become a musician and also to be a better person in which they share the message of peace and love. These four beautiful men have saved mylife in a number of ways that I cry when talking about them. Everywhere I go I where a Beatles shirt or my “Official Beatles Fan” pin and if I’m not people usually ask “are you feeling okay?”. I owe my life to those four and they’re the reason I get up every morning. I inspire to keep their music and legacy alive.

02nd December, 2015