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I have always been the biggest Beatles fan in the world! There are millions of other people around the world who feel the same way as me, who feel a thrill listening to them, who worship their work and their legacy, who think Liverpool is the most important city in the world because it gave us these four talented lads. I could tell you about all the efforts I made to see Paul and Ringo play live, but again lots of fans have done the same or wish they could have had these amazing opportunities.

I could describe the pain I feel about John’s absurd death and how if I had a chance to go back in time and change one only thing what I’d choose would be to save him. Also I prayed for George’s health to improve and that he beat cancer and how useless and helpless I felt when he lost that battle, though it was more of a battle for us fans than for him because he felt he was ready to go. And these millions of amazing fans around the world for over 50 years made them become this legend, without them, the Beatles wouldn’t be still influencing and inspiring other artists, and they would not deserve a magnificent museum like the Beatles Story.

But I’m not just another loving fan: what makes me different from the others is that I that I try to share every piece of information I own about them. I sort of already work as an ambassador of their legacy as I do my best to spread it to new generations. I’m so proud that all youngsters in the family know about them through me. They learned to enjoy The Beatles and understand their cultural importance, how they opened doors for other artists.

As an English teacher I bring their songs to class to help students learn the language and what great conversations we have about the Beatles, about Liverpool and England and all the magical crazy 60s.

So, as a fan, I feel great not because I own lots of records, or rare photographs and merchandising, but because I help their legacy to go on so that next generations will also feel that thrill of listening to them and they will dream about crossing Abbey Road, or attend a Paul or Ringo concert. And they will work hard to visit Liverpool and The Beatles Story, too and take the Magical Mystery Tour bus around town ending up at the Mathew St., imagining how 50 years ago they could have bumped into John or Paul there or sat for a pint next to George or Ringo. And how they could have then listened to their performance at the Cavern Lunch hour gig…

02nd December, 2015