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It is a great pleasure to be a Beatles Ambassador.

My name is Seo Kang Seock. In 1982, I listened to “Yesterday”, and my life changed forever. In 1984, I joined the Beatles Fan Club Korea (aka BFCK). Since 1991, I have been the president of BFCK. Now our club has 34,274 membership. ( , sorry it’s Korean).

We have had numerous events, including the Beatles exhibitions, tribute band concerts, Beatles book publishing. I translated the Beatles Anthology, Once There Was A Way, John Lennon – In His Life, etc. Also I wrote 4 CD booklets.

Although South Korea may not be big on Beatles World map, we tried our best to promote the Beatles. This year, finally Paul McCartney will play in Korea for the first time.

There are four reasons why I am a great Beatles Ambassador:

1. I’m the craziest Beatles fan. Not temporarily, but forever. For Almost 35 years, I have been the Beatles fan. And I will be.

2. As the president of the BFCK, I will play a good part in your policy. Your promotion, advertising and news coverage will be transferred to South Korea via our BFCK directly and on time. Many Korean Beatles fans get to know your news daily.

3. I have appeared in many TV shows, radio programs, newspapers. (One of them :

4. In regard to Liverpool and the Beatles Story tour, many Koreans know little. Most korean tourists go to London only. It is a little disappointing to me. So I try and promote The Beatles Story as well as the city of Liverpool. Every year many club members and I will go to Liverpool and the Beatles Story, and post articles on newspapers, blogs, facebook, etc. We try our best to promote our beloved Liverpool and the Beatles Story.

In 2013, Mrs. Freda Kelly went to Korea in order to promote her film. Since then, she has been my friend. And I met Julia Baird, Pattie Boyd, Mark Lewisohn, Denny Laine, Donovan. This time I want to meet the Beatles Story, a dream-like place for all Beatles Fans.

02nd December, 2015