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I arranged exhibition “The Beatles – Back from USSR” in January – February 2011 in “Beatlemania” Exhibition in Hamburg. On invitation and support of “Beatles Story” the reduced version of exhibition was arranged in “Liverpool Academy of Arts” in August 2011.

I was interviewed at “BBC Merseyside” during “Beatleweek 2011.

I was invited to the following events:

- Opening of “Beatlemania” Exhibition in Hamburg in May 2009

- Presentation of CD “Sideman Journey” by Klaus Voormann in Hamburg in December 2009

- Presentation of Joe Flannery’s book “Standing in the wings” in May 2013 in “Beatles Story”. Surprisingly, but during the presentation I had an honour to introduce Colin Hanton of “Quarrymen” to Martin King, who was recently appointed as Managing director of the museum.

- Concert “50 years of “The Beatles” in Hamburg” in “Keiserkeller” in November 2010. There I met Tony Sheridan, with whom later on we became rather close friends.

- Concert “50 years of Star Club” in April 2012 in Hamburg (with “Quarrymen” and Pete Best as headliners)

- Tribute to Tony Sheridan on April 13, 2013 in “Kaiserkeller”, Hamburg

I arranged by myself or together with my friends:

- “Beatles Clubs” in Cherkasy (my home town) and Kiev

- Invitation of Rod Davis to Kiev in November 2013. We had concert in memory of John Lennon.

- Several concerts for John’s 75th anniversary in 2015.

- Exhibition of Astrid Kirrherr’s photos in Kiev in November-December 2012. I was her personal interpreter during her visit to Kiev.

Practically every month I have a public appearance, related to “The Beatles”.

My book (in co-authorship with Fedir Terpilovsky). “Touching the Universe of The Beatles” was published In January 2017 (in Russian). It is based on numerous interviews and meetings with people, whose names are written with golden letters in the history of “The Beatles”, Merseybeat and Hamburg Sound - Tony Sheridan, “Quarrymen”, Astrid Kirrherr, Edward “Kingsize” Taylor, “Undertakers” and many more. We tried to compare Liverpool and Hamburg in early 1960-ies, to see what made the cities and young people there similar and different at the same time. We tried to find out why “The Beatles” and later on many musicians from Liverpool and Britain left for Hamburg. As international economist by education, I investigated exchange rates of the currencies, their buying capacities, salaries levels in UK and Germany at the time. Looks like this have never been done before in such details.

The book was published together with translation (in Russian) of Horst Fascher’s book “Let the good times roll” (upon his permission). He was (and still is) a very close friend of “The Beatles” and the key figure in their “Hamburg period”, as 4 times “Beatles” went to Hamburg on his invitations – to “Top Ten” and “Star-Club”.

02nd December, 2015