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This is a Beatlemaniac from Beijing,China. I’ve been loving them for half my life. They are the reason that I grab my guitar and learn how to play. Five years ago, at the age of 16, I started a public webpage for the Fab Four on, the Chinese version of Facebook. So far this webpage has 6529 followers and the number is still counting. Nobody pays me for doing this, of course. I just feel obliged to let more people in China know of them, listen to them, and fall in love with them. I believe I did my bit.

Throughout these years, I organized activities for Beatlemaniacs in China both online and offline. I’ve been to countless gigs of Beatles tribute band, intoxicated in my moments of nostalgia. Four years ago, I went to London to see what Abbey Road is like. In 2014, I finally set foot on Liverpool, my dream city. I stayed in Premier Inn Liverpool, right next to Beatles Story. Certainly, I paid a visit to Penny Lane, Strawberry Field, Cavern Club, where Paul, John, George and Ringo used to live, and your museum. I truly fell in love with this amazing city.

Currently I am working on my master degree at University of Leeds. In the meantime, I monitor Beatles Story's Weibo account.

02nd December, 2015