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Yuka and I got married in St. Peter’s Church, Woolton, in 1995. Since then, we have visited Liverpool every three to four years like a pilgrimage. While visiting Liverpool, we have met some nice local people. At one time, an old gentleman, who was a totally stranger for us, gave us a beautiful drawing of the Beatles in a bus heading to Penny Lane. I guess he realized we were big Beatles fan, because we were looking at the Beatles’ guide book. At the other time, we met a woman when we re-visited Woolton church. She was born and has grown up in Liverpool. She drives us around Liverpool to show us every famous place. On the other hand, we have met some funny people from abroad. One day when we were in front of the Strawberry Fields, tourists from Europe asked us where to go in Liverpool. So we guided them to the Woolton church and explain them the places they should visit and how. The other day, tourists from South America asked me if they could take a picture with Yuka in front of John’s house. They wanted Yuka to be a role of Yoko Ono, because we are Japanese and Yuka had a long black hair. Looking back now, we have being like the Beatles Ambassador. We got a love from people in Liverpool and we gave the love to the Beatles’ fan from abroad. In my head, I hear the music sounds like “And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make”.

02nd December, 2015