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I was born in Mexico City to a classical-music oriented family. Most of my childhood was spent attending concerts by the National Philharmonic Orchestra, classical music festivals and related events. My parents took pride in listening and appreciating only the best music and this included, of course, The Beatles. The first Beatles song I heard was A Taste Of Honey; my mother used to play it again and again and again in our record player.

Since 2003 I made a life commitment in studying every day of my life a piece of history and music related to John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison so it is very difficult for me to state a favourite Beatle. I have lived through periods in which I have been deeply moved by the life and death of John Lennon, others in which I have felt surprised by Ringo Starr's endurance and ability to maintain the world's attention at its best and some more in which Paul McCartney's extraordinary talent has made me sigh, shed a tear (or more tears) and feel the strongest positive feelings. However, George Harrison's early struggle to be acknowledged as a world-class composer, his constant search for spirituality and the way he overcame the many obstacles he found in the late part of his life make me feel identified to him.

As of April 27, 2015, the day The Beatles Story let me know I was selected as the Overall Winner of the Ambassadors Contest, my life changed. My commitment to spread the extraordinary legacy of The Beatles became stronger and unbreakable. Since then, my radio show, my written columns, my conferences and lectures have been oriented in awakening in all persons I meet the love, admiration and respect I feel for The Beatles as human beings, musicians and eternal artists.

I live in the southern part of Mexico City, in a quiet and green area in which I can work very well as an English-Spanish translator and as a state-of-the-art website developer. I enjoy teaching English to adults and reading in my spare time, mostly Beatle-related books.

02nd December, 2015