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I have been a Beatles fan since November/December 1963 when I was totally knocked out by 'Twist and Shout'.

I have been wearing something Beatles related on me every day since 2001 - necklace, wristband, beltknuckle, T-Shirt, underwear, socks, sweaters, bags, I have a grey Beatles suit and boots, Shea Stadium jacket, lots and lots of Beatles memorabilias. I have a black Rickenbacker and a Vox AC30 tube amp (like John). I even have my own miniature Eleanor Rigby statue, made in ceramic, 500mm (20″) high in my home.

I have been to every Beatles weekend in Liverpool since 2001. I have been to 6 Paul McCartney Concerts and one with Ringo Starr. In september 2013 I assisted a Beatles Seminar in Norway and was in charge of the arrangement when we went to Liverpool from Friday to Monday, where we visited The Beatles Story, Casbah Coffee Club, John and Paul’s childhood homes (where I have been 4 times before), and a Saturday Party at Lathom Hall. The likes of Earl Preston and Karl Terry with the TT’s, and Pete Best Band were there, too.

In 2007 I was elected Norway’s Biggest/Greatest Beatles Fan on the Norwegian main radiostation NRK1 in a programme named “Norgesglasset” and we had a 2 hours direct broadcast to Norway from BBC Merseyside. This took place of course on Friday 6 July, the 50th Anniversary of the meeting between John and Paul. We also attended the ceremony in St. Peter’s Church and Church Hall the same day.

I just love Liverpool and try to go there from 2 to 5 times per year. I celebrated my 60th birthday with a few friends to dinner in A Hard Days Night Hotel. Among my good friends are Sam Leach (very good friend), The Quarrymen, David Bedford (also a very good friend), late Tony Sheridan, Allan Williams (miss them), late Geoff Nugent (miss him too), I have met Freda Kelly several times, spent a party with Bill Harry and Virginia, Tony Bramwell and Colin Hall. I have also met many of the old Merseybeat scene musicians, Gerry Marsden, John McNally, Tony Crane and many more.

My favorite places are Mathew Street with The Cavern and The Grapes, Jacaranda, Casbah and Penny Lane. I have got myself a little network in Liverpool so that I have been able to help Norwegians out with travels and accommodation when they have wanted that. I very often bring with me friends to this fantastic place.

I just love to spread my fantastic hobby and admiration for The Beatles to as many as possible, and I really feel that I have been an ambassador for many years already, but I will never stop. The Beatles will be with me all the way, it has become a lifestyle.

02nd December, 2015