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Where to begin? I became a Beatles-addict when I was 8 years old (in 1983), when 'I Am The Walrus' grabbed me like nothing ever has. I had to have all the music (including the solo stuff), had to read all the good books, had to know all the details of this incredible story and this unbelievable music. And all the while I managed to maintain a normal life, can you believe it? 

I work as a senior editor for Radio 2 in The Netherlands, which also allows me to make a succesful internet radio show about the (solo-)Beatles. This way I can share all my (useful AND useless) knowledge with other Beatles-fans in The Netherlands and Belgium. It’s called Fab4Cast (

I could go on and on about my fascination with The Beatles (e.g. visits to London and Abbey Road Studios 1 and 2, editor for Dutch fanmag Beatles Unlimited, interviews with May Pang and even Francie Schwartz!). The Beatles are a big part of my life and they make our world a happier place. No doubt about that.

I also do introductions in cinemas whenever a Beatles movie is shown; and whenever there is a Beatles project on Radio 2, they turn to me to make it happen.

Of course I would love to visit Liverpool. The Beatles are – as Derek Taylor said – the 20th century’s greatest romance. And I would like to see where that beautiful romantic story started…

02nd December, 2015