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05th May, 2020

#PaperbackWriter - Rainer's Poem

This instalment of our #PaperbackWriter series features a poem from german musikfan Rainer!



This wonderful English Group

Was better than all of YouTube.

They created a brand-new sound,

A modern guitar style was found.

John, Paul, George and Ringo

Started their glorious Show.


Four nice boys from Liverpool,

Always smart and very cool;

Became heroes in Great Britain,

With titles, they've brilliant written;

From "Please, please me" to "Let it be"

Music in perfect harmony.


They dominated the global Charts,

Till today they take to our hearts.

The songs are heard around the earth 

By old Hippies just as young Nerds.

Their music will be forever,

The Fab Four we'll forget never!


Rainer Kirmse, Altenburg


Thuringia / Germany

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