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In response to the latest Government advice, The Beatles Story exhibition, Discovery Zone, Albert Dock Fab4 Café and Fab4 Stores plan to reopen on Monday, May 17th.

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In response to the latest Government advice, The Beatles Story exhibition, Discovery Zone, Albert Dock Fab4 Café and Fab4 Stores plan to reopen on Monday, May 17th.

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06th May, 2020

'For You Blue' by Jan Morris - #LetItBe50

As a romantic at heart this song resonates with me so much as it is known that George Harrison solely wrote ‘For You Blue’ in late 1968 as a love song to his then wife Pattie Boyd. And whilst the marriage sadly never lasted, the lyrics of the song and the everlasting memory will.

'For You Blue', originally titled ‘George’s Blues’ is also mentioned in his autobiography,’ I, Me, Mine’ as a simple twelve- bar song which follow all the normal principals of song writing except its happy-go-lucky (a quality I adore in people). The song was partly influenced by Georges recent experience of Woodstock whilst in upstate New York and his collaboration with Bob Dylan and jamming with the Band, and I particularly love the resulting country blues style and tone. I mean as the saying goes, ’If you don’t like the blues you have a hole in your soul’ so how could you not love this.

Pattie was quite the muse for George, as ‘For You Blue’ inspired George so did the songs, ‘Something’ and ‘If I needed Someone’ again both full of love and romance

In terms of the band line up for this song George played lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Ringo on drums, John Lennon played lap steel guitar as well as the slide guitar (usually George’s role being the best guitarist of the band). Paul played piano and bass guitar and to achieve George’s unique request for a "bad honky tonk piano" sound, testimony to the creative talent that existed within the boys, McCartney intertwined paper between the strings of the piano. 

The “go Johnny go” and “Elmore James got nothin on this boy” was also a reference to Chuck Berry’s Johnny B Good and the great blues artists Elmore James the king of the slide guitar, it just so happened that John playing slide guitar made the lyrics more fitting. 


Such a memorable song for so many reasons as The Beatles performed this in their last ever movie, 'Let It Be'.

'For You Blue' is not the best love song, but I like it, as its simple and different to The Beatles other songs. It was interesting to see how by mixing up the lead guitarists roles it helped create a better song and arrangement. 

Georges musical inspirations and collaborations shows how he came into his own with song writing and composing during the latter years of The Beatles, this held him in good stead for his solo success as an accredited and successful recording artist in 1970’s and beyond. Enjoying further collaborations with Bob Dylan, including Roy Orbison and Jeff Lynne as The Traveling Willburys 

I suppose the way that the lead guitarists roles where changed was good and different too and they way they created different sounds such as the paper in the keys to make the piano give it a honky tonk sound. I like that it came from George and he was growing as a musician and as a prolific songwriter, and through collaboration with other artists gave him the creative equality that up until then within The Beatles was dominated by Lennon and McCartney.

I also loved the way that Harrison performs the opening section alone on The Beatles' recording and unashamedly states his love for Pattie Boyd.

'For You Blue' was one of Harrison's most successful songs on the Billboard charts, both as a member of the Beatles and as a solo artist.

The simplicity of the love song 'For You Blue' we have used in Hard Days Night Hotel's brand messaging for our wedding packages and indeed some of our famous cocktails, that stir up emotions of love for sure.

For You Blue – I really love you...

About Jan

Jan is a well-connected and experienced Sales Manager at the only Beatles Inspired Hotel in the world, Hard Days Night Hotel in Liverpool.

She has a demonstrated history of working successfully in the travel and hospitality industry for over 30 years, skilled in sales, hospitality, leisure industry, public speaking, management, sales presentations, Marketing and PR, having her own successful travel business for 12 years. She is a passionate music fan across all genres, in particular 80’s and of course The Beatles. Jan enjoys participating in quizzes and socialising, regularly attending music festivals, concerts and live music venues. She is a true believer that ‘All You Need is Love’.

Twitter @HDNHLiverpool

Facebook Hard Days Night Hotel

Instagram @hdnhliverpool


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