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06th May, 2020

'Two Of Us' by Charlotte Martin - #LetItBe50

Being the first track on the album I have the pleasure of starting…

Track one on the 'Let it Be' album which was their 12th and final studio album which was released on the 8th May 1970 in the UK. I actually play this track on our way back into town from both the Lennon and McCartney homes visits (on my tours) as I love it and feel it symbolises both of them together as a pure form just jamming on a guitar going back to basics. Originally called ‘On Our Way Home’  All four Beatles perform on the track and originally there was a more raw feel to the song, with more of a ‘rock’ base and heavy guitar presence but Paul re-worked the music score and exchanged for acoustic guitars instead.  They then completed the final track performance at Apple Studio’s on 31st January 1969 in which the genre of music was classed a folk/ rock and the track was produced by American record producer Phil Spector, along with the rest of the album.  

A lot has been said about the lyrics and Paul is kind of indicating his thoughts and fondness of get lost in woods or just going on car drives with Pauls’ dog Martha to anywhere with his then future wife Linda. In fact, they were married just 6 weeks after this track had been recorded. There is also the story of underlying issues and relationship between the two songwriters which was also picked up within the lyrics and they where acutely aware that their time as a group was coming to an end. “You and I have memories/ longer than the road that stretches out ahead” or “You and me chasing paper/getting nowhere” in relation to the contractual issues they were having. It is also claimed when recording both McCartney and Lennon shared the same microphone and while making the recording, it reminded the song writing duo especially with the close harmonies, taking them back to when they were teenagers and pretending to be the Everly Brothers and during the second day of recording actually broke off the song to sing ‘Bye bye love’ obviously happier memories for them! Phil Spector then added a spoken introduction to the track. It’s a snippet a totally unrelated great Lennon humour saying “I Dig a Pygmy by Charles Hawtry and the Deaf Aids. Phase one, in which Doris gets her oats!” The whistling at the end of the track is also thanks to John.

The final recording of this track can be seen on the 'Let it Be' film, and it was this clip that was broadcast on The Ed Sullivan show on 1st March 1970 and this was to be their final appearance on the show that opened the door for them back in 1964. 

As tracks go at 3 minutes 33 in length it's one hell of a way to start an album!

Charley Martin: With over 23 years' experience of working within the local tourism industry and The Beatles Story and several academic qualifications including a Master’s degree in ‘The Beatles, Popular Music and Society’, Charlotte is one of the most qualified tour guides in Liverpool. Passionate and knowledgeable about her city, Charlotte specialises in themed tours incorporating the history of the city, music, football, film and much more. Her tours are fully bespoke with itineraries which can be tailored to suit the interests and needs of every visitor.

Two of Us: Written: Lennon & McCartney

Released: 8th May 1970

Recorded: 4th / 25th 31st January 1969

Paul McCartney – lead vocal, Lead Acoustic Guitar (Martin D-28)

John Lennon – co-lead vocal, Whistling, rhythm acoustic guitar (Martin D-28)

George Harrison – bassline Electric Guitar (Fender Telecaster)

Ringo Starr– drums

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