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06th June, 2022

‘Something about George’ star Daniel Taylor researches latest role at The Beatles Story museum.

Ahead of the UK tour of Something About Production’s ‘Something About George: The George Harrison Story’ the award-winning The Beatles Story welcomed actor Daniel Taylor to the museum, to undertake research into the so-called quiet Beatle George Harrison.

Among other things, Daniel had the opportunity to see George’s very first guitar, and to take an immersive journey through his career from those early Cavern Club days right through to his spiritual solo career. Following his visit, we had the opportunity to sit down with Daniel to have a chat and learn more about the production.

Daniel Taylor and George Harrison's first guitar at The Beatles Story museum in Liverpool.

Q) How did you find your visit to The Beatles story?


Well, since I last came to The Beatles Story, it was quite a few years ago when I was playing John Lennon in a show, and I can’t even believe in just that time how its evolved. I was just talking to our producer Bill Elms and both of us just looked at each other and were just gobsmacked, with all the different themes that have been put together here. It is an absolutely fantastic museum.


Q) Other than visiting The Beatles Story, how else have you researched and prepared for this role? 


I think its important to remember that in ‘Lennon Through a Glass Onion’ I did become John Lennon, but in this I am Daniel Taylor talking about the story and the life of George Harrison. You know, talking about his activism, his songwriting, his philanthropy, his movie-producing and just seeing how he evolved with his music and his personal life. Exploring every aspect of his life and talking about it, with a brilliant band behind me as well.




Q) Could you tell us a little about the show? 


Something about George is a tribute show talking about the life of George Harrison, a legendary guitarist from the greatest band in the history of the world. It talks about the so-called ‘quiet one,’ because you know you’ve got two heavyweights – Lennon and McCartney, I think George kind of sat in the background a little bit. A lot of the things that have been done over the years have been very much Paul and John driven, and not a great deal has been done about George. He wrote some of the greatest songs ever written. Timeless songs. George Martin, in fact, considered Something to be the greatest love song ever written! The show follows George’s life from his birth, to The Beatles, and his later solo work. We go through all of his music, like the All Things Must Pass album – which is an iconic album – a stunning album. We go into the great concert he put on for Ravi Shankar raising money for the crisis that was going on in Bangladesh, and so much more.  

Daniel Taylor in the 'Beatles in India' exhibition at The Beatles Story museum in Liverpool.


Q) What’s it like performing George’s songs? Do you have a favourite to perform? 


I’ve rehearsed lots of different shows over the years but I’ve never walked into a rehearsal room and played songs that have felt so timeless. The songs bring a really great calmness into the room, we all feel very at peace and I think it’s just that aura that George Harrison brought into the world. My favourite George song is Something, but I love performing Bangladesh.

Daniel Taylor on the replica Cavern Club stage at The Beatles Story museum in Liverpool.


Q) And lastly, who is your favourite Beatle? 

George, of course! Taxman, Something, Here Comes the Sun… How do you write that?! He’s lots of people’s favourites but for some reason there’s not been a lot done about him. There we go, that’s all the more reason to come and see the show!

Daniel Taylor at The Beatles Story museum in Liverpool.


“All Things Must Pass, they say. Well, George Harrison’s name will live on forever.

From the creators of Something About Simon – The Paul Simon Story, a brand-new show that will answer the question “where does life take you after being in the greatest band in the history of the world?”

Something About George – The George Harrison Story tells the truly remarkable tale of one of music’s most understated stars. Featuring beautiful songs like My Sweet Lord, Something, and Handle With Care, the show includes incredible solo material and music from rock ‘n’ roll’s greatest supergroup, The Travelling Wilburys – not forgetting more than a few Beatles’ hits along the way. Starring actor and musician Daniel Taylor.

From heartbreak to hedonism, and song writing to success, Something About George will show you a life that was anything but quiet. Find out more… ” – Something About Productions, Liverpool.

After talking to Daniel and producer Bill Elms, it’s clear that Something About George – the George Harrison Story will be a brilliant storytelling experience; an in-depth homage that explores many aspects of George’s work and life, and we can’t wait to see it – will you be seeing it to?


Enter below to win a pair of free tickets to a location of your choice!



Mason Griffiths

Mason is the Marketing and PR Executive at The Beatles Story.

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