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11th October, 2022

Ringo Starr's EP3 Review: Peace, Love & Rock 'n' Roll

After Ringo Starr announced he was no longer going to be making albums, many were worried that that this was the first stage in a soft retirement from music. But after releasing his third EP in just 18 months, Starr is back stronger than ever with a record filled with peace, love and rock 'n' roll.

With Starr himself writing just one of the four tracks (‘Free Your Soul’) alongside his long-time producer Bruce Sugar, he ‘got by with a little help from his friends’ and turned to the other members of his All-Starr Band for composition of the other tracks, including Toto members Steve Lukather and Joseph Williams, and 4 Non Blondes vocalist Linda Perry.

Ringo Starr's drum kit at The Beatles Story, Liverpool.

An EP with a message of peace and understanding, what better way to start than with ‘World Go Round’, a soft rock anthem featuring a power guitar solo by Lukather which rightfully earned itself the top spot. Starr’s vocals sound rich in timbre as he slides down the scale in the bold and resonant chorus, reciting lyrics that embody the peace and love ideology that has become synonymous with Ringo himself.


“We can try to rise above

It only takes a little love”


Next on the EP is Perry’s ‘Everyone and Everything’, a song that promotes kindness, forgiveness, and change. With Starr’s rock ‘n’ roll drumming front and centre and a catchy singalong bridge reminiscent of old Beatles tracks such as ‘Hey Jude’ and ‘Yellow Submarine’, the listener can’t help but be transported back to the good old days as Ringo sings of cherishing every moment.


“Take a walk along the ocean

Make the moment last”


Following that, ‘Let’s Be Friends’ (written by Sugar and chart hit writer Sam Hollander) takes on the role of dance number on the EP and runs away with it. With a pronounced groove rhythm and lyrics that rally you to ‘shake it out’, it is clear that Starr had as much fun performing this track as we do listening to it.


"I am in my studio writing and recording every chance I get," - Ringo Starr


‘Free Your Soul’ closes the EP with a taste of Latin influence, a stark but welcomed contrast to the rest.   Collaborating with flamenco guitarist and composer José Antonio Rodríguez, the final result is a Sade inspired tranquil number with a touch of romance thanks to Dave Koz’s smooth tenor saxophone.

Ringo Starr thanking The Beatles Story, Liverpool 'with peace and love'.

Starr’s EP delivers a vital message of love that we all needed to hear following some unprecedented and difficult years. Back on tour immediately after recovering from Covid, he’s showing no signs of slowing down and continues to spread the word (and play his drums) all around the globe. In a world of uncertainty, there’s one thing we can always count on – and that’s Ringo.

Emma Davies

Emma is a Sales and Marketing Executive at The Beatles Story with a Bachelor's in Music & Popular Music from the University of Liverpool.

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