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08th March, 2023

The International Women's Day Collection

Happy International Women's Day! ❤

To celebrate the achievements of some incredible women we've grouped together stories all in one place for you to enjoy. Let's explore the stories of some great women from the world of The Beatles! 

Women in music: their influence on The Beatles

In an industry where women were underrepresented and overshadowed, we owe a huge debt to iconic women who filled the charts before the Fab Four.

Yoko Ono: Peace campaigner and artist

Discover a part of Yoko Ono's peace activism, 1969's 'WAR IS OVER' campaign. 

Linda, Mary and Stella McCartney: Vegetarianism pioneers

Explore the impact Linda, Mary and Stella McCartney, together with Paul, have had on the world on vegetarianism across the food, fashion and entertainment industries.

Beryl Marsden: Merseybeat icon

Beryl started her singing career in the Merseybeat scene alongside The Beatles and Cilla Black. Discover the story of her career from the Merseybeat scene to her time in the all-female band The She Trinity and beyond.

Julia Baird: Author and Strawberry Field Honorary President

Re-visit the story of author and sister to John Lennon, Julia Baird, being appointed Honorary President of Strawberry Field

Bernie Byrne: The Beatles Story co-founder

We spoke to Bernie Byrne, ex-Beatbird and co-founder of The Beatles Story, about her time with The Beatles and her fascinating career. 

Mary Chadwick: General Manager of The Beatles Story

We look back on the announcement that Mary Chadwick, who in 2019 celebrated 25 years of working within The Beatles Story, was appointed General Manager of the award-winning Beatles Story.

The Beatles' Mothers: Their influence

Celebrating the four women who bought the Beatles into the world, raised them and influenced their early years.

Astrid Kirchherr: Photographer and artist

Learn the story of Astrid, the photographer and artist credited with creating The Beatles’ notorious mop-top haircut.

Dr Kitty Oliver: Journalist and historian

Journalist, producer and oral historian Dr Kitty Oliver discusses her personal account of segregation and The Beatles.

The Beatles Story

Liverpool's award-winning exhibition dedicated to telling the story of The Beatles

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Mal Evans: Roadie, Producer, Friend
27th May, 2022

Mal Evans: Roadie, Producer, Friend

As we approach what would have been his 87th birthday, The Beatles Story is remembering Mal Evans, AKA Big Mal. Working closely with The Beatles from 1963-1970 as their road manager and personal assistant, he became much more – their protector,
Song Facts: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
21st December, 2016

Song Facts: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

It was fifty years ago today … recording sessions for Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band took place. The album which caused a major shift in modern music did help define the 1967 Summer of Love, but the hard work began in the wint
Exhibit Spotlight: The Beatles in the USA
01st February, 2024

Exhibit Spotlight: The Beatles in the USA

 ← Back to '60th Anniversary of The Beatles in the USA''The Beatles in the USA' exhibit at The Beatles Story Museum, Liverpool, with elaborate sets that transport you back in time, and fascinating pieces of original mem

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