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01st February, 2024

Exhibit Spotlight: The Beatles in the USA

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'The Beatles in the USA' exhibit at The Beatles Story Museum, Liverpool, with elaborate sets that transport you back in time, and fascinating pieces of original memorabilia from days gone by, perfectly captures the beginning of a new era in American culture as the British Invasion began to captivate American teens, and Beatlemania was born.

Exiting our recreation of the Pan Am Boeing 707 that The Beatles flew to New York in, you're greeted by a recreation of the CBS Television studio used to film their Ed Sullivan Show appearance. Ponder on a wealth of key information, and admire our collection of original memorabilia.

Memorabilia within this room:

Round 45 Record Case, 1964.

Beatles drinking glass/tumbler, 1964.

Beatles record box, 1964.

The Beatles 1964 Magnetic Hair toy.

The Beatles Hair Pomade reissue, originally available from 1964.

The Beatle hairbrush, 1964.

'The Bobb'n Head Beatles' from 1964, in original packaging.

1964 George Harrison costume by Ben Cooper.

Artists proofs from Capitol Records of record cover slicks for the 1964 original ‘Butcher Cover’ from the Beatles album ‘Yesterday And Today.’

Original seats from Shea Stadium, where The Beatles played on 15th August 1965 and 23rd August 1966. 

A commemorative medal marking The Beatles' first US visit, 1964.

Beatles Krunch Coated Ice Cream Bar wrapper, 1960s.

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