4 Fab Ways You Can Celebrate Ringo’s Birthday

Let's celebrate Ringo's birthday with Peace & Love!

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The 7th July marks Sir Ringo Starr’s birthday! Born Richard Starkey in Dingle, Liverpool in 1940, Ringo has had an outstanding career with The Beatles, and later with his All-Starr Band. From cakes to drumsticks, here are four fab ways you can celebrate the birthday of one of music’s greatest icons.


1. Immerse yourself in his story at The Beatles Story

The award-winning exhibition ‘The Beatles Story’ celebrates the illustrious careers of all four Beatles. With dedicated areas for each of the Fab Four, why not pop down and learn about the life and times of Ringo Starr on his 82nd birthday?

As well as gaining access to lots of insightful information within the exhibition and on our audio guides, you will have the opportunity to visit key pieces of Ringo memorabilia. The drum kit, a Ludwig Classic Maple Kit in gold sparkle, which Ringo played at the Concert for George on the first anniversary of his death, sits proudly in our dedicated solo career area of the exhibition. This piece of Beatles history saw Ringo play such songs as For You Blue, Something and All Things Must Pass in memory of George on November 29th 2002. Another must-see piece within our exhibition is Ringo’s signed drumsticks, which were autographed by The Beatles’ drummer in LA back in 1997.


The drum kit Ringo played at the Concert for George.


Ringo’s signed drumsticks.


This Saturday 9th July, head to our free-entry Discovery Zone, where you and your kids can get involved in special Ringo-themed activities to celebrate his big day! We’ll be playing Ringo’s songs on our record player and carrying out a range of different activities. More info


2. Say ‘Peace and Love’ at noon

This year you could fulfil Ringo’s yearly birthday wish for everybody to spread peace and love at noon on the 7th July. The initiative, which was started by Ringo in 2008 for his 68th birthday, encourages you to “to fulfil his birthday wish and encircle the planet in a wave of Peace and Love” simply by saying the words ‘Peace and Love.’ You could Tweet it, share a video or say it to a loved one. Don’t forget to tag #PeaceAndLove and @beatlesstory!


Ringo in 2007.


3. Support the Non-Violence Project

In their own words, The Non-Violence Project is a “non-profit organization created in 1993 with the goal of preventing and reducing violence. Its symbol, the Knotted Gun, is an international symbol of peace.” Ringo Starr, an advocate for love and peace, is a global Non-Violence ambassador, and he raises awareness of the organisation.

The British musician is known for his political engagement in which he repeatedly inspires and invites musicians from all genres and generations to unite behind the Non-Violence Project with the aim to stop the violence that affects mainly young people.

Non-Violence Project


The NVP, who share some shocking violence-related statistic on their website, aim to reduce all forms of violence, and contribute to a better world. In our exhibition, you can find a collection of t-shirts featuring Ringo’s original artworks, which feature the iconic Knotted Gun symbol and were donated by Ringo to help raise awareness and money for the cause.

To find out more, or to donate, click here.


4. Take a trip to The Fab4 Café and The Fab4 Store

What is a birthday without sweet treats?! Head to our free-to-enter Fab4 Cafes (located at The Royal Albert Dock and Liverpool Gerry Marsden Ferry Terminal) for a Ringo coffee, limited-edition Ringo biscuits, or choose from a selection of delicious cakes. Find out more.


Coffee with Ringo’s face, available at The Fab4 Cafe.


Once you’re finished in the café, exit through our Fab4 Store, which has one of the largest collections of official Beatles merchandise and souvenirs in the world. You could pick up a print of the birthday boy, a pair of new drumsticks, or one of Ringo’s albums to complete your birthday visit. Find out more.


A selection of Ringo-themed items available at The Fab4 Store.


From everyone at The Beatles Story, we’d like to wish Ringo Starr a very happy 82nd birthday filled with peace and love!

Peace and Love... Peace and Love... Peace and Love... Peace and Love... Peace and Love... Peace and Love... Peace and Love... Peace and Love... Peace and Love... Peace and Love... Peace and Love... Peace and Love... Peace and Love... Peace and Love... Peace and Love...